Ho­tel Tan­neck
Fam­i­lie Hönes oHG
Werder­strasse 14
D-76530 Baden-Baden

Phone 0049-(0)7221-973 977-0
Fax 0049-(0)7221-973 977-29

Tax-no.: 33088/75006
VAT-ID-no.: DE 143469176
Reg.-no.: HRA Mannheim 200791

Bank Ac­count

IBAN DE11662400020114871700

How to find our ho­tel

Quelle: Open­StreetMap

Com¬≠ing from the mo¬≠tor¬≠way A5 keep go¬≠ing straight till the street di¬≠vides in a right one and a left one. Take the right street (B 500) head¬≠ing to¬≠wards the tun¬≠nel ‚Äď go in¬≠to the tun¬≠nel, it is 2,5 km long ‚Äď in the tun¬≠nel, take the first ex¬≠it (Aus¬≠fahrt) to the right ‚Äď com¬≠ing out of the tun¬≠nel turn left, di¬≠rec¬≠tion town cen¬≠ter un¬≠til you reach the ‚ÄúCom¬≠merzbank‚ÄĚ. There turn slight¬≠ly to the left in¬≠to the Kreuzs¬≠trasse ‚Äď dri¬≠ve very slow¬≠ly (10 km/h) ‚Äď then you reach the Kurhaus ‚Äď fol¬≠low the road (Werder¬≠strasse) be¬≠tween Kurhaus and the¬≠atre straight up the hill to the sec¬≠ond turn¬≠ing, where you will find the Ho¬≠tel TANNECK at the junc¬≠tion of Werder¬≠strasse and Solmsstrasse, at the right hand side be¬≠hind some trees and bush¬≠es, well hid¬≠den. You find a car park¬≠ing in front of the house.